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Picky eater?
Learn more about Maddie our rescue dog with food allergies and how we fixed the problem.
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Maddie's Guarantee


All products are 100% guaranteed in every way.  If for any reason, you or your furry friend does not like them, send them back for either a full refund (net shipping) or replacement with another type of treet (our expense within 14 days of delivery).   We are currently making our treetz in our home kitchen and not required to have FDA certifications or inspections at this time.  We currently have the required Texas Food Handler Certification.  Rest assured, we take great pride in making great treats in sanitary conditions.  Even our signature Chicken Twistz are baked at high temperatures for 30 minutes after they are dehydrated to assure there is no active bacteria.  We would not sell anything to you, that has not been Lab tested first and mutt approved!

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