Picky eater?
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We have started incorporating EZTreetz (I just realized those are your intials!) and our dogs love them. We taught a Professional Assistance Dog Trainers Workshop last week to guest dog trainers.  It included hands on training with our program dogs. We let them use the treats and gave them your contact information to order their own. Everyone reported their dogs liked the treats a lot.  We would welcome more EZTreetz. We are being conservative with them but we can use as many as you care to share.  We typically have 18 dogs at our center. Thank you, Ed. I’m going to add the link and your logo to our website now ☺

Founder & President

Service Dogs, Inc.

Sharon Bundy

My two dogs love EZ Treetz.


Jennifer Solis


These treetz made our old dog do new tricks we've tried teaching him for months literally to roll over.              Also the "almost famous chicken twistz" are both my feline babies new favorite treet !!!


Susie Rizo Millan

July 6 at 12:24am

Palu had NEVER jumped on me for a treat! Today he heard me open a new package and he jumped at me! Steela was comfortably laying down and she ran (like never before) to get a treat! Your EZ Treetz might be dangerous! I will submit my order tomorrow!


Cheryl Medrano

Looking forward to giving these REAL treats to my pups instead of the over processed-dye added-chemical crud sold everywhere! I appreciate the all natural Vegan options available too. Easy to find product information - what's in it, how it's made, and how to store for freshness. I found it very refreshing to navigate a site without it taking you in circles. Easy as ordering off a menu and a simple, secure, fast checkout process TWO PAWS UP Maddie! I will send you a pic of Keira, the only dog I know that turns her nose away from treats, and how she likes Eztreetz :)


Josh Clark

The best option for nutritious, wholesome, and delicious "gourmet" dog(and cat) treats! Ryzo LOVES them... ALL of them! They smell and look so good I have to resist trying them myself! Tasty choices, great prices, EXCELLENT customer service (a given ;-)).... If my fur-kid is happy, I'm happy! And a donation is made in my pup's name to help other fur-kids in need of love! Thank you EZ Treetz, you've got something great going here! :))


Debra Treece

LikeLike ·  · about a month ago

Placed an order and recieved it a few days later. I bought a variety of everything. So far, the treats have met rave reviews from both of my dogs. My cats also love the chicken twists!



July 19

Dear Mr. Zolot,

While I love your cookies, apparently the grandchild who spends a great deal of time over here finds them quite tasty as well. Yesterday I waited patiently for Jake to give me my after dinner treat. INSTEAD the little monster ran off and ate the entire thing himself? AND HE WANTED ANOTHER ONE. Maybe you should place a sticker on the box how they good for kids too. I am sick of this kid snagging my one and only treat.



Pepper loves the Bacon Cheddar EZ Treetz!








Mohra Gavankar So does Guthrie.....and he devoured those Chicken strips.... In fact he acts as though he is addicted to it


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Kathy Kapchinske

Our EZTreetz order arrived.  Cannot open the fridge  without the pups gathering for a treet