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Picky eater?
Learn more about Maddie our rescue dog with food allergies and how we fixed the problem.
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12 month club 1/2 lb. 149.95

12 month club 1 lb. 239.95

6 month club 1/2 lb. 89.95

6 month club 1 lb.  124.95


Spoil your furry friendz every month with a different treet!  Treet of the month qualifies your furry friend to not only get our legacy treetz, but they will be the first to get all new recipes!  You can order the 12 month club and get a new treet every month or the 6 month club and get treetz every other month for a year.  TREET of the month is the PERFECT GIFT for anyone that has a pet…….including yourz!




As a token of my appreciation for my valued customerz, when you order 8 orderz of EZTREETZ within any 12 month period, you will receive ½ lb. of EZTREETZ of your choice FREE!  Just my way of saying thank you for supporting our new business and SERVICE DOGS INC.  As an added bonuz, all 12 month EZTreetz club members automatically will receive a 13th month FREE!  Those that sign up for the 6 month club only need 2 additional orderz to get the ½ lb. EZTreetz FREE!!!!!


Treet of the Month Club